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20 June 2018 Dinner at Oxford & Cambridge Club, Marlborough Room

The subject of the discussion was the growth of embedded plant, allied with new forms of storage. These are being checked by network constraints, despite DNOs’ steps to innovate with different forms of connection and network management. Could the growth of private/microgrids be part of a solution to network bottlenecks and facilitate ‘behind-the-meter’ developments (growth of renewables and storage) on a greater scale? Should BEIS/OFGEM be taking policy steps to encourage private/micro-grids or is it/should it be waiting for others to take the lead? Future owners of network assets could spearhead own-built and operated micro-grids.  Do they need to be incentivised to do so? Should others be incentivised to do so?  Should the approach to network charging (and embedded benefits) be rethought with private networks/micro-grids in view?



Tom Greatrex (Discussion chair), CEO Nuclear Industry Association & Advisory Board Member EUF

Alan Whitehead, MP, Shadow Minister for Energy & Honorary VP EUF

Lord McConnell

Volker Beckers, NED/NEC Cornwall Insight, Foresight Metering, Reactive Tech, Elexon, Etc & Hon VP EUF

Ian Smyth, Director of UK Power Networks Services

Sally Barrett-Williams, Chairman and Advisory Board Member EUF

Mark Workman, Energy Futures Lab Imperial College

Richard Howard, Head of Research Aurora Energy Research

Andrew Buglass, Advisory Board Member EUF

Richard Thompson, Partner Foresight Group

Neil Sampson, Treasurer EUF

John Mustardé, CEO Tangent Energy Solutions

Steve Blackwell, Joint Treasurer EUF

Jeremy Kinghorn, Utility Sector Director BearingPoint

John Marsh, Director, District Energy business Brookfield Utilities

Stephen Stead, Head of Strategy SSE Enterprise

Paul Branston, Regulation and Government Affairs Manager WPD

Paul Fidler, Energy Networks Association

Rich Hampshire, Senior Vice President CGI

Alan Thomson, Director/Global Leader Energy Systems Arup

David Butcher, UK Energy Networks Cap Gemini

Maxine Frerk, Director of Grid Edge Policy

Justin Andrews, Head of Design Authority ELEXON

Frances Warburton, Director Energy Systems Transition OFGEM


The sponsor of the dinner was BearingPoint