About E&UF


The Energy and Utility Forum brings together policy makers and policy shapers in the utilities sector through different events.

Its main events are periodic dinners involving a limited number of guests held at intervals throughout the year. Participation is by invitation. Funding, on an event-by-event basis, is by selected sponsors.

The purpose of these particular events is to enable senior industry figures to discuss issues of importance with senior politicians. The discussions are held on an informal and open basis with key politicians and civil servants and are subject to Chatham House Rules. Both sides of the debate are consequently better informed and policy decisions can be made which take that information into account.

Forum discussions are not a form of lobbying (for either side of the debate) and the list of those attending any event is sufficiently diverse to ensure that there can be no single or parochial point of view.

The Forum also holds other events which are structured around specific issues and which always involve government energy policy.